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Good things to come for the mind, body and soul with Samadhi

– July 6, 2021

Samadhi is a yoga and Pilates studio, massage and complementary/alternatives therapies centre. Not only does the centre offer a tremendous number of services, but they also go even further to educate others through meditation, workshops, and lectures.

Sónia Romão, owner of Samadhi, has always had a passion for self-development and personal growth. In March 2020, she closed the door on her successful, 20-year long career as a biotech engineer and health professional to embark on a new journey opening her business in old town Portimão.

Throughout her career in scientific health, the more Sónia discovered, the more she came to worry. She became apprehensive over the idea of overmedication, in particular concerning children’s health. She also noticed a significant rise in cases of anxiety and depression within society. This encouraged her to seek other ways to treat illness and lead a healthier lifestyle using alternative therapies such as meditation, exercise, and complementary medicines.

The word “samadhi” means “a state of deep meditative contemplation which leads to higher consciousness”. Sónia displayed “samadhi” in the way that she tackled her concerns regarding traditional medicine and therapies to create an alternative option for health and wellness through her new venture.

As you step into Samadhi a chic, Balinese theme flows through the centre. Well-lit, aesthetically pleasing and embellished with beautiful art pieces and accessories, the premises feature one office/therapy room, two massage rooms and a large studio. There are also two bathrooms with showers for ultimate comfort for clients.

Currently, there are 16 professional, English-speaking freelancers who offer a wide range of services under the health and wellness umbrella, all of which are accredited and armed with years of experience — most work in the top hotel spas in the country.

Sónia wanted to create “a community” of well-informed and grounded individuals. Her concept is to bring people together, teachers and clients, to help each other grow and develop. “I will never stop learning”, she states, adding that she is still taking courses such as creating her own natural, organic and bio beauty products and soaps.

All the masseuses use quality organic and biological vegetal and essential oils to enhance the therapeutical effect. Currently, there are over 14 different types of massage to cater for every requirement. For the mind, various specialties are on offer such as psychology, functional and integrative nutrition and medicine, health coaching, physiotherapy and osteopathy, Bowen therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, transpersonal therapy, naturopathy and ayurvedic therapy. For a more holistic approach things like reiki, reconnection, access bars and bio feedback / quantum therapy are also available.

Sónia embarked on this project as the world was going into turmoil. However, she has persisted with her dream and has already created a haven with so much to offer. With Sónia’s passion for learning, her vast professional background, and her desire to work with others to create a better world, Samadhi has everything in place to be a great success.

TEXT Alex Brennan
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Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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