How a Local Dental Clinic helps the little ones feel at ease

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– July 7, 2023 | Text Beatriz Maio

How a Local Dental Clinic helps the little ones feel at ease

Located in Lagoa, the Vitra Clinic dentist office came up with an innovative idea that arose from the need both to increase the physical space and to give children a place of their own, where they feel comfortable and break the stigma associated with going to the dentist.

Not only do they have their own entrance, but also an unequalled waiting room full of joy and fun, making it difficult to leave.

Ana Pragosa & Sérgio Sousa, founders of Vitra Clinic, Lagoa, Algarve

Ana Pragosa & Sérgio Sousa

Vitra Clinic founders Ana Pragosa and Sérgio Tavares de Sousa opened their business two years ago in Lagoa as a result of a shared dream that became reality.

With the new Kids Space, they aim to reassure children that going for a dental treatment can be a pleasant experience as well as to provide two further services – speech therapy and a general practitioner.

As paediatric dentist Carina Vida often referred patients to outside appointments, since jaw growth influences breathing, pronunciation and articulation, the three professionals together considered that having this specialty in the dental clinic was “essential”, thus providing “a complete follow-up, where all the information is concentrated, making the orthodontic treatment more effective”, explained Dr Ana Pragosa.

Vitra Clinic, Lagoa, Algarve 2

The feedback has been positive with children wanting to make the most of their time in the fun waiting room and the office where they are treated, which are full of toys and princess outfits. And when they finish their appointment, they don’t want to leave but to continue playing. Their enthusiasm is proof that the goal was achieved.

The founders of Vitra Clinic wanted to provide multiple services under one roof, thus ensuring an integrated clinic for the whole family, in a region that Ana and Sérgio feel lacks diverse services when compared to Portugal’s large metropolitan areas.

Therefore, with an “experienced, solid and united team” that has been working together for many years, they intend to create something bigger for their patients in multiple areas in a comfortable place, where proximity and trust are valued.

Vitra Clinic, Lagoa, Algarve 5

Currently, the clinic provides services such as dental implants, invisible aligners, fixed prostheses, oral hygiene, paediatric dentistry and orthodontics, endodontics, aesthetic dentistry and sleep dentistry, all conducted by eight dentists operating in six dental offices.

The founders believe that what sets them apart is the clinic’s comforting and welcoming space, where clients feel accompanied in a family environment, with advanced technology and high-quality materials. However, there is more.

Vitra Clinic, Lagoa, Algarve 4

Inspired by the Algarve, the beach and the warm climate, the gowns worn by the doctors also have a different and cheerful colour – one that doesn’t make adults and children associate the uniform with doctors or hospitals.

While Dr. Ana wears a strong salmon-coloured gown, her husband Sérgio and the rest of the team wear silver-coloured scrubs.

From the logo, where the lettering seems to replicate the sea waves, to the paintings by local international artists that decorate the hall and some of the offices, there are several features that make patients forget they are waiting for dental treatment and help them feel at ease.

Vitra Clinic, Lagoa

“The healthy obsession for quality” is the priority, according to Dr Sérgio, as well as “the good ambience and the intention of offering the best health care”, always considering each individual or family needs, and adapting the treatment plan to their budgets.

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