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The staple ingredients in the Portuguese diet are chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, salad and wine, which are thankfully still easily accessible to everyone at a good price. Many restaurants prepare a special lunchtime menu called “Prato do Dia” (Dish of the Day) and offer a decent variety of meat or fish dishes as part of an all inclusive menu for as little as €7.

The “Prato do Dia” was originally introduced for the country’s workers to ensure that they had a hearty meal to get them through the day. Thankfully, it also made economic sense, so the tradition continues to this day and has evolved to meet the demands of the mainstream market. Most establishments serving the Dish of the Day follow the same format: bread, butter, pate and olives, accompanied by a main course, dessert, a drink (some venues include a bottle of wine for 2 people) and coffee for surprisingly good value, from €7 to €10 for everything.

In Carvoeiro there are a number of eateries to enjoy the Dish of the Day. Vimar is the most central restaurant with a €9.50 lunch including a starter. They also offer an all-inclusive evening menu at a slightly higher price that is available every day. On the outskirts of the village, A Tasquinha features a pleasant menu with a fresh salad or starter and liqueur thrown in from Tuesday to Friday. Escondidinho, Ponto de Encontro, O Branco and Jophil are all located just outside of the village yet are still easily accessible. Further afield, there are excellent options in and around Porches with A Rampa and Tia Teresa proving very popular with the locals, while in Ferragudo you will find Portarade in the main square.

The aforementioned restaurants cook the traditional menu where everything is included. However, some diners may find a three course meal too filling at lunch time. For lighter dining alternatives, Café Fino have a meal deal which includes a drink, soup and a meal for €7.50. Tony’s offer a burger or bifana meal deal as another option at €4, or €5 for a main meal. The Wolf has a 2 course lunch with a drink and coffee for €15, Pimenta Preta in Palm Gardens have a 2 course freshly prepared menu for €13 (no drinks included) and even the Carvoeiro Tandoori have a main meal with rice and a drink for €9.99.

So, enjoy the beautiful winter days sitting in the sun and soaking up the atmosphere. Savour an appetising lunch with a glass of wine and live like a local.

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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