Marie Patterson explores some local favourites and hidden gems not to be missed in Carvoeiro

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– October 14, 2023 | Text Marie Patterson | Photos Charlotte Cockayne/Open Media Group

Seven Suspended Valleys Algarve

As the holiday season starts to come to an end and the heat of the summer begins to die down, I decide to kick start a quiet Sunday indulging in a sumptuous treat for the taste buds by heading to Monte Carvoeiro for brunch.

Already a renowned fine-dining restaurant, The Square by Raquel Marques has taken the concept of brunch to a whole new level.

The Square Restaurant, Carvoeiro, Algarve

This establishment, well known for its impeccable culinary creations, now offers an exceptionally well-priced brunch that will tantalise your senses.

We opt for Eggs Benedict and a Full English Breakfast to start and follow with sautéed prawns with mango pico de gallo and sweet chili and a couple of Mimosas which turn out to be a perfect start to the day, and extraordinarily good value.

The Square Restaurant, Carvoeiro Algarve

The atmosphere is casual and relaxing, with easily available parking, and the surrounding area is generally quiet, which I find particularly appealing after the busy summer months.

Seven Suspended Valleys, Algarve

In search of some sunshine and fresh air, I decide to embark on the adventure that is the trail of the Seven Suspended Valleys.

This scenic route runs from Praia de Vale Centeanes to Praia da Marinha, widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The Algarve region is renowned for its stunning coastal landscapes, and the Seven Suspended Valleys hike is a jewel in its crown.

I strap on my walking shoes and set off along the well-maintained trails. Throughout the hike, each valley unveils a new perspective, rewarding my efforts with breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. An array of hidden coves, beaches, and captivating rock formations showcase the raw beauty of the Algarve’s coastline.

Whether you are an experienced hiker or someone looking for a moderate yet invigorating trek, this clifftop walk promises an immersive experience that connects you with the natural wonders of the region. The trail can be walked in either direction and took me about three hours to complete.

Combining the pleasures of a lavish brunch with the exhilaration of conquering Seven Suspended Valleys created a day that will linger in my heart and my mind, reminding me just how beautiful the Algarve is and all it has to offer.

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