Rallye Casinos do Algarve returns to Silves for Spring event

The race dates changed to spring for the first time ever

– March 7, 2023

Rallye Casinos do Algarve

The Rallye Casinos do Algarve will be held in the spring for the first time ever, between March 30 and April 1. With its headquarters at the Hotel Algarve Casino in Praia da Rocha and assistance car park located at Lagoa’s fair and exhibition park (FATACIL), this year, 60 cars will race on dirt tracks across the municipality of Silves.

Returning to its original format after 28 years, the course will follow part of the old sections of Águas Frias and the world rally track.

Rallye Casinos do Algarve 2018

The competition starts on Friday, March 30, with the shakedown/qualifying stage in Lagoa and the redesigned Lagos night super special.

On Saturday, in S. Bartolomeu de Messines and S. Marcos da Serra, competitors will take part in 8 special classification tests, with a pitstop in the assistance car park in Lagoa around lunchtime.

The race ends with the city stage in Portimão, with the podium ceremony taking place once again in front of the Hotel Algarve Casino on Praia da Rocha’s main avenue.

The Rallye Casinos do Algarve 2023 is organized by the Clube Automóvel do Algarve, backed by the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation, and is sponsored by Solverde Casinos and Hotels, the municipalities of Lagoa, Lagos, Portimão and Silves and Medronhito do Caldeirão.

Find out more on the official website: www.rallyecasinosdoalgarve.com

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