Retreat in Alamos

The new adults-only B&B is perfect to recharge and enjoy some precious relaxation time

When we heard that one of our favourite hotel managers was setting up a boutique retreat, we were very excited to see what Lourenço Ribeiro and his lovely wife Luisa had created. Positioned in between the Atlantic Ocean and Guia, Lourenço and Luisa have taken their extensive travel knowledge and experience and made great use of it. What they have achieved is a real haven away from the hustle and bustle of Algarve summer life.

This is a place to relax, listen to the birds gently chirping in the trees and take some time for yourself. There are eight country-chic, luxuriously boho-styled rooms from 19sqm to a whopping 30sqm, furnished with natural fabrics and linens with accents from local artisans. The size and sensation of natural flow and light that encapsulates these spaces will take you by surprise. Each room has an open-plan shower area with organic toiletries by French brand Damana and plush, cotton towels with big fluffy robes and slippers for that ultimate ‘hotel’ feel. Rooms have essence diffusers and a kettle with a selection of herbal infusions along with a pitcher of water and some fruit.

Alamos Retreat is all about wellbeing, and that’s highly evident in the breakfast lounge, where guests are treated to a buffet of healthy and biological, homemade gluten-free pancakes, muffins, fruits, local cheeses — including lactose-free choices — freshly made juices and the best eggs around. The menu is mostly vegetarian, with gluten-free and vegan options aplenty. However, carnivores will not be made to feel uncomfortable at all and will leave feeling none the wiser that the retreat is predominantly vegetarian. Breakfast is a very leisurely affair, and they don’t adhere to a strict timetable, which is refreshing. Guests come and go throughout the morning, and nothing is too much trouble for the staff.

Being adults-only was a welcome change, and as the guests are all there for the same reason, it is tranquil and very chilled out. In the central area of the retreat, you’ll find a refreshing kidney-shaped pool, rattan loungers and shade to enjoy lazy afternoons. Morning yoga is a part of the experience at Alamos, and after a perfect night’s sleep, there’s no better way to start the day than a gentle and invigorating yoga session, which is included as a part of the Bed & Breakfast package. By the pool, there’s something very unusual — an anti-gravity, aerial yoga pavilion. At first, you might feel intimidated by the sight of these silky hammocks hanging from the pergola structure and there is a lot of giggling to begin with, but once everyone finds their balance and realises that the fabric can hold somewhat substantial weigh, participants get into the swing of it, and it is actually highly enjoyable and rewarding. More mainstream yoga, meditation and Pilates are also available, depending on the day but guests can check the schedule on the website or on social media.

The retreat also offers an antioxidant reading that measures your antioxidant level. This gives you an insight into your lifestyle: It shows if you are healthy, if your consumption of fruits and vegetables is enough, if you are too stressed and, most importantly, if you are protected against diseases. “At Alamos Retreat, everything was designed so that our clients can recover their full health potential,” says Lourenço. Having dedicated most of his adult life to the hospitality industry, we were keen to find out the drive behind this new project and discovered that Lourenço is certified in Holistic Nutrition by the Institute of Traditional Medicine and holds detox seminars throughout the year at local hotels. He is passionate about wellness, cancer prevention, fitness, weight-loss hospitality and luxury lifestyle.

Wife Luisa loves baking the fabulous, sugar-free cakes that are on offer at the lounge and enjoys bibliotherapy, art and handicrafts. She has made many of the things that you can see at the property, such as the macramé, and has been instrumental in the interior design of the property. Son Guilherme is the young apprentice and is learning the ropes as he goes along. He’s a natural, so it looks like this is the perfect project for the family to work together and build something sustainable and meaningful for the future.

The beds are intended to be “one of the most comfortable in the region”, as the linen is 100% cotton. Guests can also choose from three types of pillows (standard, memory foam with essences and feathers). Lourenço’s extensive hotel experience is very apparent and the attention to detail is something else.

Text Mia Wallace
Photos Daniel Clarke

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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