A New collective art project arises in the Algarve: the Artlink Collective

This summer, the Artlink Collective will showcase the artwork of several artists around the Algarve

– August 22, 2022


Some of life’s more interesting journeys seem to take on their own direction without any planned route in mind. This was the case when four artists made contact around nine months ago and both friendships and appreciation of each other’s work developed. Without denying that selling their own work was an objective, it became clear that they also shared a deeper ambition to help showcase the craft of other talented artists across the Algarve. The Covid lockdown period had limited the opportunities to exhibit and the few that did come along tended to be over in the western side of the region.


When one of the artists visited the wonderful Quinta da Tôr winery, above Loulé, the thought occurred that this would be an interesting place to hold an exhibition. A few months later, during the very first restriction-free week in January, the combination of viewing art with wine tasting was set in motion.

People visited, work was sold and the confidence that they had the organisational skills to take the project forward grew in abundance. An understanding of the importance of branding clearly had an impact, along with the intuitive ability to see how artists can work together and they recognised for the need to present a variety of artistic styles. Reputation can be added to the list of factors because due to the winery’s long-standing association with the Tivoli Marina Vilamoura hotel, another exhibition was held there between the two winery events.


Then one day someone asked about what they called themselves and the realization that they needed their own identity came around. ARTLINK Collective was born. To quote their intro/mission statement “We are a visual arts collective living in and around the centre of the Algarve, who showcase our passion and diversity and give exposure to a full spectrum of styles, that includes painting, photography, sculpture, and digital composition.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity to participate in collective or solo exhibitions and events that we organise ourselves, or in collaboration with other established art collectives and art galleries. By encouraging one-on-one engagements with art lovers, collectors, and potential buyers, we aim to provide the context that gives value to each piece of art work. We embrace the advantages of digital technology and use social media as our premier promotional platforms.”


Moving onto the next phase of the journey, ARTLINK has joined forces with one of the Algarve’s most experienced and respected gallery owners and artists. Aderita Silva manages the renowned Artistic Space Gallery in Vale do Lobo and she also shares the same ambition and longer-term mission. The Details Vale d’el Rei Hotel and Villas in Carvoeiro is another exhibition venue under her control and the opportunity to organise, curate and manage a two-month exhibition during July and August has been handed over to the ARTLINK team. The work of fifteen artists will be on display, divided over two periods to ensure variety and that as many artists can be involved as space allows.

Meet the Artists evenings are scheduled, along with the opening vernissage for each month, the details of which can be seen on Instagram (ARTLINK_collective) along with regular posts during the exhibition and information about the principal members.

Follow Artlink Collective on Instagram or visit their website.

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