Alma’te: The new Zen therapy space in Portimão

Motivated by her desire to instil daily habits focused on physical and mental well-being in others, Débora Rio has opened Alma’te, offering a wide range of massage and energy therapy services

– December 11, 2023 | Text Beatriz Maio

Her passion for this field started at a young age. Since she was a young girl, Débora Rio enjoyed giving her mother a massage with body creams after a bath. Later, and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she underwent several training courses and worked in five-star spas, acupuncture clinics, and beauty centres to gain knowledge, “both in terms of the relaxation and therapeutic aspects”.

When she had the idea to open her own business, she didn’t hesitate and decided to invest in a “zen and welcoming” place where tranquillity and harmony prevail. As soon as you enter the space, you immediately feel that worries are left at the doorstep, not only due to the scent of incense but also because of the neutral tones, a comfortable sofa, and natural elements in the décor.

Conveying “calm and good energy” is a priority for Débora Rio, who, with a cheerful smile, aims to pass on the message that “self-love should never be set aside, and taking care of the body and soul is taking care of our physical and mental health.

“We look after others every day, family and friends, and we give our best at work and when performing household tasks, which can lead to extreme fatigue in both the body and mind,” she said, stressing that “often, we forget what is most important: ourselves”.

Débora Rio also highlights the importance of being able to “provide ourselves with good moments and elevate our self-perception”, which is why she chose the name Alma’te (which literally means ‘soul yourself’ and is a play on the expression ‘Ama-te’, which means ‘love yourself’).

At her space, Débora provides therapeutic massages that, in her words, should be seen as “body maintenance” that helps prevent future problems.

Daily stress and accumulated worries manifest in the body, leading to muscular tension, poor posture, and repetitive movements, which can result in injuries,” the owner explained, adding that “those who view massages as a luxury and not a priority may later realise they were mistaken”.

In addition to massage services, which offer benefits such as body relaxation, relief from muscular tension, stress and anxiety reduction, improved blood circulation, and reduced blood pressure, this space also offers spiritual cleansings, chakra alignment, and tarot consultations.

“The body is not the only thing that needs care; the spiritual aspect also requires attention,” she said, stressing the importance of caring for both to achieve a sense of well-being.

The feeling of a “mission accomplished” when the day ends has been Débora Rio’s motivation as she recently embraced the challenge of starting a business at the age of 25. Concerns about strategies to promote the space and evolve as a professional are ongoing, as is uncertainty about the future. However, she believes that determination and resilience are “half of the path to success”.

“Life is full of risks, and I love taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. I don’t like not doing something out of fear or hesitation,” she said, encouraging everyone to always follow their dreams.

Alma’te is situated in Portimão, near Pingo Doce supermarket, close to the riverside area.

For more information, contact Alma’te via +351927 577 775 or [email protected]

Author: Inside Magazines

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