Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz offers free delivery service to help customers make the most of their free time

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– July 4, 2024 |  Inside Promotion

Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz

Baptista Supermarket has raised the already high standards of their home delivery service. This means that you can extend your holiday leisure to the essential task of shopping. Instead of going to the supermarket, let the supermarket come to you with your tailor-made order.

Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz

The free delivery service has been an integral part of shopping at Baptista since it was first implemented to ensure the comfort and convenience of families.

Serving the community of residents and visitors to Praia da Luz, the Baptista supermarket home delivery team has ensured that your orders are processed with the utmost rigour and quality, so that satisfaction is equal or better to that felt when it’s you shopping in the establishment.

Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz

Baptista supermarket is in the heart of Praia da Luz and stands out for its family aura. Whether it is the way of treating people, the quality service or the social atmosphere in the shop, there is no doubt that customers quickly become part of an extended family.

Even if you have concerns about the choice of products or their quality, the personalisation factor is the central concern of the home delivery service. By calling and speaking to a member of the team, you are ensuring that your order arrives the way you want it. If you are worried about whether they stock a rare product, whether there are gluten-free foods or other items that cater to a food intolerance, the team at the other end of the line will enlighten and guide you.

Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz

The supermarket team will be your reason for smiling in the morning. Do you want crusty but wholemeal bread? And do you prefer freshly squeezed juice with oranges from the Algarve? The team will do its best to fulfil your wishes.

With the variety available at Baptista, you’ll be able to count on artisanal products or big brands, an incredible cheese selection, local beer options and even an award-winning delicatessen counter, where you can choose the fresh cuts you most desire. Whatever your diet and preferences, at Baptista there will be no shortage of options.

Baptista Supermarket in Praia da Luz

If the products you order are cold cuts, rest assured that everything is packaged in accordance with hygiene and food safety requirements, ensuring that the temperature is just right for your food not to lose its flavour and quality.

You can place your order via the website, but don’t hesitate to call if you prefer to speak to a member of staff.

Start enjoying this free service today, through the website, by email ([email protected]) or by telephone – 282 780 300 / 968 340 845.

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