Carvoeiro Clube Expansion

On November 12th 2015, Quinta do Paraiso resort, was sold to Erik de Vlieger and Andreas Stocker, the owners of the Carvoeiro Clube Group.

Caroveiro Clube will add Quinta do Paraiso to their already impressive portfolio of Carvoeiro Clube, Monte Carvoeiro, Algarve Clube Atlantico, Presa de Moura, Monte Dourado resorts and the real estate company Quinta da Palmeira.

With almost 200 employees and over 300 managed properties in 6 different holiday resorts and 3 large servicing agreements in resorts in the area of Carvoeiro, the Carvoeiro Clube Group is the largest touristic enterprise in the Carvoeiro-Lagoa area.

Having previously managed Quinta do Paraiso for over 20 years, Patricia Buerer is the new managing director and was the obvious choice to enhance the future development and management of the group.

Quoting Andreas Stocker: “The timing is perfect, as the markets have turned positively in favour of the Algarve and the future will bring many good opportunities”.

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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