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Reserva da Luz

– June 18, 2024 | Inside Promotion

Reserva da Luz

Vítor Vilhena, a native of Lagos, Portugal, has seamlessly integrated his profound passion for architecture into the fabric of Reserva da Luz, a distinguished property development on the western outskirts of Lagos.

Vítor’s roots in the area trace back to his childhood, where he spent numerous summers close to Reserva da Luz. This intimate connection has cultivated the lead architect’s exceptional understanding of the land and an unparalleled sense of well-being and contentment that homes in this area can offer.

A graduate of the esteemed Lusíada University of Lisbon in 1997, Vítor plays a pivotal role in envisioning Reserva as a natural amphitheatre. This distinctive perspective is underscored by the natural terrain, providing breathtaking views and seamless harmony with the surrounding environment.

Vítor’s commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail ensures that Reserva da Luz transcends the realm of dreams, manifesting as a tangible and unparalleled reality.

Collaborating seamlessly with key project team members, including Project Manager Rui Mateus and the builders, MAE, Vítor orchestrates a harmonious synergy, transforming visions into implementable solutions.

Architectural excellence in a natural amphitheatre

Vítor’s design philosophy revolves around maximising the mesmerising sea views and creating harmonious interiors and exteriors.

The carefully curated colour palette draws inspiration from nature’s hues, using natural and traditional materials like wood and stone to impart a touch of serenity to each residence. This ensures that every home is a marvel of architecture and uniquely tailored to its future inhabitants.

At Reserva da Luz, prospective owners can acquire elevated and south-facing plots ranging from 1,450 to 2,950 m². The turnkey solutions offered by the DDM team provide a bespoke approach, tailoring each project to meet investors’ specific needs and desires.

Reserva da Luz

Additionally, finished homes are available for those seeking quicker occupancy. Each project serves as a natural canvas where nature and architecture intertwine, evoking emotions that begin the moment one walks through the front door.

Investment insights: Strong demand in a natural oasis

Last year, 14 plots were acquired at Reserva da Luz, highlighting the robust demand to reside in this balanced natural environment.

Reserva da Luz

The unparalleled location and exquisite architectural offerings underscore the desirability of investing in Reserva da Luz. As an investor, securing a property in this unique haven promises a sound investment and an unparalleled lifestyle defi ned by natural beauty and architectural sophistication.

For more information on plot availability contact:
T: (+351) 967 336 914 | E: [email protected]
W: www.reservadaluz.com

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