FATACIL turns 40

The nationally acclaimed Fatacil Fair will take place between August 16 and 25 in its purpose-built venue in Lagoa, where people come from all over Portugal to enjoy an evening walking around the market stalls where local brands show and sell their products.

There’s a big section dedicated to animals with live farm animals on display and beautiful horse shows every night. And then, there’s the music. Every evening a live band takes to the stage and performs a concert to entertain the visiting guests until around midnight. To celebrate the fair’s 40th anniversary, this year’s guests are some of Portugal’s most popular acts, with Xutos e Pontapés opening on the 16th, followed by Calema, Wet Bed Gang, João Pedro Pais, Matias Damásio, Quim Barreiros, Blaya, Jorge Palma, Mariza and closing with Richie Campbell. Open daily from 6pm to 1am with daily tickets costing €3.50 and under 12s free of charge, pop in and get a taste of Portugal.

PHOTO Bruno Gonçalves

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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