‘Folar Fair’ returns to São Marcos da Serra for the Easter Celebrations

The annual Folar Fair will showcase the sweet and delicious folar cake, local food & drinks and also performances by choir groups, dances, exhibitions, concerts and more


– April 12, 2022

The small town São Marcos da Serra, in Silves, will host the annual event ‘Folar Fair’ (Feira do Folar) in honour of the sweet and delicious Easter cake, for which the town is so famous, which is made of cinnamon and fennel and decorated with a boiled egg.

The Folar Fair (Feira do Folar) will take place at São Marcos da Serra, between April 15 and 17 and will also feature a variety of different takes on the traditional recipe as well as local sweets and liqueurs such as the iconic ‘Medronho’.

The goal is to “promote the borough’s inland and popular culture, namely the parish of São Marcos da Serra”.

Also planned are concertsreligious celebrationsperformances by choir groupsdancestraditional games, an exhibition focusing on the Algarvensis Geopark – which brings together Loulé, Silves and Albufeira – and a variety of street entertainment.

The fair begins at 11am and runs until 8pm on April 16 and 17 and 8.30pm on April 18Admission is free.

Source: Essential Algarve Magazine


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