Lagoa municipality has implemented a new bio-waste collection system

Aiming to recover the biodegradable waste and reducing the large quantities currently sent to landfills, residents and businesses will receive free buckets to help collect bio-waste

– December 20, 2023 | Text Alexandra Stilwell

The Municipality of Lagoa is implementing a selective bio-waste (food and garden waste) collection system from homes, commercial establishments, restaurants, cafes, school canteens, and Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS).

The project, named LAGOA VALORIZA + SELECTIVE PROXIMITY COLLECTION will promote the selective collection of bio-waste from existing homes in the Municipality in specific containers placed on public roads next to the “ecological islandsinstalled in Lagoa. For this purpose, a 10-litre bucket will be distributed free of charge to every residence in the Municipality.

The project’s aim is to meet national and community goals for recovering biodegradable waste and reducing the large quantities currently sent to landfills.

Around 40% of the waste we produce in our homes is biowaste, most of which is food waste. The correct separation at origin allows its recovery and transformation into compost for organic soil enrichment, contributing decisively to the circular economy”, stated the Municipality.

LAGOA VALORIZA + CANAL HORECA will carry out the bio-waste from hotels, restaurants, canteens, cafés and pastry shops. For this purpose, 120-litre and 240-litre buckets will be distributed to participating establishments.

The LAGOA VALORIZA + project aims to implement this system in two phases. The first phase, which began on November 2, focuses on the areas of Lagoa and Carvoeiro, covering around 273 establishments on the Horeca channel and all school and IPSS canteens, and more than 4,000 accommodation units will also be covered.

The second phase, to be implemented next year, will extend organic waste collection to Ferragudo and Porches.

400-litre composters will also be delivered to citizens interested in composting at home.

According to the Municipality, around €150,000 will be invested to acquire collection equipment, subsidised by the Environmental Fund/PPR, and about €150,000 per year will be invested in bio-waste collection.

A website was also developed with all the information on this project and is now available here.

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