“Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021” Hailed a Success

“Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021” held its last session on November 13, with demand strongly outweighing availability

The initiative “Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021” held its last session on November 13, with a special session that celebrated the World Day of Wine Tourism, a date celebrated annually on the 2nd Sunday of November.

“Lagoa Wine Experiences” was hailed a success by the organizers (Lagoa Council). The event was held for the first time this year, opening the doors of local wine estates to wine lovers, making it a great opportunity to get to know local winemakers and enjoy wine tastings in a friendly setting under the sunny Algarve skies.

Six sessions were held throughout the last four months. Each session saw participants being introduced to three winemakers and enjoying wine tastings and lunch.

Lagoa Wine Experiences

Strong public interest in the Event

“Public interest in the event was massive with demand strongly outweighing availability,” the council said. A total of 223 people took part in the six sessions.

In a statement to the press, Lagoa Council said it recognizes “the great potential” of the borough’s wine sector as a means of attracting residents and tourists, as well as promoting local wines. The event also helped promote Lagoa’s “wine tourism sector, the hospitality of its hosts and wine properties that can be visited all year round”.

The last session, which was held at Quinta dos Vales, Arvad and Morgado do Quintão on November 13, was attended by representatives from the Algarve Tourism Board (RTA), the Regional Board of Agriculture and Fisheries (DRAPA), the Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) and the Association of Winemaking Municipalities of Portugal (AMPV).

Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021 event

Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021 with good prospects for the future

“I have to highlight the success of Lagoa Wine Experiences and the very positive reviews that the initiative received from partners and participants. I thank everyone who made this possible and those who believed in its success,” said Lagoa Mayor Luís Encarnação, confirming the event’s return in 2022 with “even more surprises”.

Among the participating wine estates were Quinta dos Santos, Única – Adega Cooperativa do Algarve, Morgado do Quintão, Quinta da Palmeirinha, Dona Niza Wines, Arvad Wines, Monte de Salicos and Quinta dos Vales.

Lagoa Wine Experiences 2021 hailed success


Source: Algarve Resident

Author: Inside Magazines

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