Lagos Intermarché’s team is committed to bringing you the best of local cuisine this Summer

Grillin’ and chillin’

– July 4, 2024 |  Inside Promotion

Lagos Intermarché

The Algarve’s favourite season is here, and it’s time to whip out the tongs and heat up the grill for a lively barbecue with family and friends.

To help you make the best of summertime, the team at Lagos Intermarché’s butcher counter has prepared a variety of meat skewers and kebabs perfect for cooking on the grill, the oven or even the pan: veal kebabs with ‘Greek passion sauce’; curry turkey kebabs, for something with an exotic twist; and pork kebabs with ‘French garden sauce’.

Lagos Intermarché

Whichever option you go for, they can all be perfectly paired with a fresh salad, chips or carrot rice.

Speaking of carrots, authentic Algarve-style carrots are the perfect starter for these summer gatherings. A staple in our regional cuisine, this is a real treat for the senses – marinated in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs, the simplicity of the ingredients enhances the natural flavour of the carrots, resulting in a light and tasty starter.

Lagos Intermarché

Top off your meal or even accompany the delicious kebabs with a platter of fresh appetisers from Lagos Intermarché’s take-away section, including a package with carrots and cucumber sticks, tomatoes, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, dipped in a delicious garlic sauce.

Lagos Intermarché

The kebabs, Algarve-style carrots and fresh appetisers are perfect examples of Intermarché’s commitment to offering fresh daily products that promote a healthy and balanced diet.

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