Canadian Artist exhibits his artwork in Portimão this February 14

Marc Thivierge, Canadian artist in Portimão, Marée montante

Marc Thivierge, a Canadian artist, features his abstract paintings at EMARP, Portimão

– February 14, 2022

High Tide, Low Tide” is a new visual arts exhibition opening on February 14 at the EMARP reception hall in Portimão.

It will be the first time that Canadian visual artist Marc Thivierge will be participating in such an exhibition.

The location is unique because the place serves not only as a service provider for the public, but it is also an ideal space for exhibiting artwork.

Marc Thivierge has been invited to participate in this monthly presentation because of his unique approach to painting.

The exhibition represents the back-and-forth movements of the sea. The impressions and the meditative mood felt by the sea on this abstract artist are on the canvases presented.
Every piece is like a cut in the action of the waves’ relentless movement, sometimes calm, sometimes tumultuous.

Marc Thivierge was born in the 50s in Ottawa, Canada, in a family that loved art. He is retired and spends a good part of the year in the Algarve. “The luminosity here, the colours all around us, the scents and sounds are all elements that make us come back. But it is the people of Portugal that really make the grade with us,” said the artist.

The exhibition runs until March 18 and is open on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Portimão EMARP is located at Rua José António Marques, 17.

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Source: Algarve Resident Newspaper

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