Michelin Star Bon Bon restaurant delights guests with new flavours

After retaining its Michelin star for the 7th consecutive year, Bon Bon restaurant is ready to delight guests with new flavours

Nuno Diogo and Chef José Lopes from Bon Bon, Carvoeiro, which retained its one star

Nuno Diogo and Chef José Lopes from Bon Bon, Carvoeiro

– April 7, 2022

Bon Bon has maintained its star for seven years on the trot, the only one-Michelin-star restaurant in the region to do so. Owner Nuno Diogo celebrated the restaurant’s accomplishment: “It is an award that leaves us proud, but that should also leave Lagoa proud for having a restaurant of unmatched quality,” he said.

“I also want to thank chef José Lopes, our whole team at Bon Bon and those who contributed to its success with commitment, creativity and sacrifice,” the owner added.

Last year, Nuno Diogo called on chef José Lopes to join the team. At the time, the young chef was at Lisbon’s Eleven restaurant, where he was working with Michelin-favourite chef Joachim Koerper. “His cuisine is consistent, full of flavour, and varied,” said Nuno.

Bon Bon Restaurant dish

The creative chef enjoys looking for Portuguese roots to add to his cooking. His latest creation is a chickpea stew with a rack of lamb, based on a recipe he found in an old Algarvean cookbook his wife gave him. Timing is also fundamental to guarantee Michelin-level service. Bon Bon only accepts three bookings every half hour, to ensure clients don’t all arrive at the same time, and has no more than eight tables, not to ruin the ambience. This isn’t something new that came with COVID; it’s something we’ve always done,” insists Nuno.

Bon Bon restaurant inside

Bon Bon restaurant

For his part, he enjoys surprising his clients with unique pairings, adapting his choice to their mood and taste, with a selection of rare wines made by small producers. “What I want is for each person to leave with a complete experience, feeling fulfilled.”

How can they not in this unique octagonal dining room with a suspended central fireplace, where Nuno and his team produce their show? Where tables strategically placed under spotlights turn into a stage on which dishes consistently waltz, paired with singular wines.

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