New Lagoa roundabout artwork honours cultural diversity

German artist and businessman Karl Heinz Stock unveils impressive sculture with the help of 11 local artists

– April 11, 2023

KHS sculpture at Nobel roundabout 3

German artist and businessman Karl Heinz Stock has unveiled an impressive and imposing sculpture created with the help of 11 local artists at the Nobel International School roundabout in Lagoa.

Entitled ‘Multifaceted Globes’, the sculpture features 15 painted globes, all interconnected by a complex metallic structure.

Karl Heinz Stock, known locally as the owner of the Quinta dos Vales wine and art estate in Estômbar, says the sculpture is a representation of the “diversity of the planet, nature and its people”.

The sculpture was designed and created by Stock, whilst the globes were painted by 11 local artists, each providing their own “interpretation and vision of the world”.

“Everyone sees the world differently, and none of us are right or wrong. By presenting such a diversified group of interpretations side by side, the project became more inclusive, and thus came closer to the reality of our world,” says Stock.

Among the artists invited to collaborate in the creation of the artwork was Franco Charais, a revolutionary who fought against Portugal’s ‘Estado Novo’ regime and later on became a member of Portugal’s Revolution Council, being hailed as “one of the founders of democracy” in the country.

KHS sculpture at Nobel roundabout 2

The other 10 talented artists who also contributed were Toin Adams, Henryka Woerle, Stella Barreto, Elke Heiner, Jessica Dunn, Sofia Barreto, Jill Stott, Meinke Flesseman, Kasia Wrona and Vitalij Manich.

The sculpture has been strongly praised by local mayor Luís Encarnação, who said it is an accurate representation of the municipality.

“It would be hard to find an artistic project more in line with the representation of Lagoa and its role in the country and in the world – a cosmopolitan municipality, which is proud of being welcoming and where we believe that, with this beautiful artwork by Karl Heinz Stock, humanity’s progress is achieved through the exchange of many peoples and culture, without leaving anyone behind,” the mayor said.

Its placement at the roundabout near Nobel International School, attended by students of more than 50 nationalities from different continents, was also strategic, as it represent Lagoa’s diverse and cosmopolitan nature, the local council said in a statement to the press.

The local authority also said that the sculpture is part of the renovation project carried at the roundabout. “Besides creating an attraction in a central area in the borough, the renovation of public spaces through high-quality urban art is in line with our process of humanising the municipality’s urban environment and building more people-friendly public spaces,” the council added.

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