Portimão’s historical centre gains new colourful life

New cultural association P.O.I.S! retransformed an old grey accessible route, under the motto “Together, let’s make Portimão the coolest city in the world”

– August 23, 2023

A renovada Rota Acessivel de Portimao na Rua Direita

A new cultural association in Portimão has breathed new life into the ‘Rota Acessível’ (Accessible Route) on the town’s Rua Direita street by transforming it from an unremarkable grey path to a “kaleidoscope of colours.”

The project, titled ‘A Rua Direita em Festa’ (‘Rua Direita in Celebration’), marks the beginning of the cultural association P.O.I.S!Palco das Ondas Invisíveis Studio and was conceived by young French artist Charlotte Mohns, known in the artistic world as Caïros, who was assisted by French compatriots Kamille Bobeau and Gaspard Kyriacopoulos.

Primeiro troco concluido

The new colourful path was created using colours inspired by the spiral logo of the municipality of Portimão, highlighting the “terracotta tones of the cliffs and rooftops, interwoven with the vibrant blues of the sea and the Algarve sky.”

The artists used paints hardened with polyurethane, ensuring “greater resistance and durability.”

According to Caïros, “the project’s goal, sponsored by the local parish council and with logistical support from the town council, is to brighten up the town’s historic centre, mixing the forms of nature and architecture that make up its essence, making it more attractive for residents, shop owners, and tourists.”

P.O.I.S Charlotte Mohns centre Kamille Bobeau right and Gaspard Kyriacopoulos left

Charlotte Mohns (centre), Kamille Bobeau (right) and Gaspard Kyriacopoulos (left)

“This will be the first phase of something more ambitious, as the idea is to embellish the entire Accessible Route of Portimão, with the collaboration of local artists as well, to invigorate the cultural offer and the economic fabric,” said the artist, who recently painted a mural in Marseille.

The new cultural association was born from the collective vision of architects, artists, merchants, and young people from Portimão and aims to “imbue the city with happiness” through a wide range of initiatives.

Accessible route gains new colourful life in Portimao Algarve

Under the motto ‘Together, let’s make Portimão the coolest city in the world!’, the association will voluntarily promote these initiatives with the belief that it can change the town for the better.

According to Portimão council, the Accessible Route which has been given a colourful new life was inaugurated in 2010 and “was a pioneer at the national level and one of the first in Europe.”

It resulted from the municipality’s “commitment to social inclusion by eliminating architectural barriers in the city’s administrative centre.”

With a continuous path of over 5km, unobstructed and properly signposted, the route involved a municipal investment of around €300,000, allowing visitors to easily reach Portimão’s main points (public services, tourist attractions, and commercial area).

Article originally published by Michael Bruxo on Portugal Resident.

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