The sidewalks of Lagos are celebrated in a photo exhibition by American photographer Paul Gerace

The photographer is showcasing his work “Celebrating the Calçadas Portuguesas of Lagos” at the Mercearia Bio Café in Lagos

October 14, 2023 | Text Alexandra Stilwell

Lagos-based photographer Paul Gerace is showcasing his collection of Portuguese calçada photography at the Mercearia Bio Café in Lagos until the end of November.

The Celebrating the Calçadas Portuguesas of Lagos collection highlights the unique black and white tile patterns found on the city’s pavements and large squares, which “often paying homage to the country’s maritime heritage and fishing industry”, points out Gerace.

Since his arrival in Portugal four years ago, the New York-born artist has been discovering this unique form of Portuguese art while “walking around Lagos and seeing how life takes place with those calçadas as a backdrop”.

“I was also able to visit and speak with the chief architect at the Câmara Municipal in Lagos about the history, designs, and concerns of those calçadas, which gave me a better understanding of what they mean to the country’s heritage and pride,” explains the artist.

About the artist

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Paul Gerace retired to Costa Rica, where he lived for eight years before moving to Lagos in 2019. His love of photography began when he was a teenager, helping his father develop photos in hisbasement darkroom, where he learned the basics of photography, which he uses today.

Once the digital age of photography arrived, he began experimenting with different filters and techniques to helpcreate the artistic expressions of his photos, some of which are included in this exhibition.

Author: Inside Magazines

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