#TuPodes campaign offers 100,000 touristic experiences

Already delighting cybernauts with its stunning images and presentation (see video below), Turismo de Portugal’s campaign #TuPodes (aimed at encouraging nationals to take their holidays ‘at home’) is gearing up for its next phase, on June 24, when some of the 100,000 touristic experiences available in this world-class destination are rolled out to help ‘reel visitors in’.

PM António Costa kicked off the campaign earlier this week with an interview with CNN as the ‘Visita Portugal’ promo video was released.

On July 10 a third phase is scheduled in which all the various activities and places to visit will have been uploaded on a digital platform, complete with various ‘special offers’ aimed at attracting Portuguese families.

Explains Público, the whole focus of this campaign is to give companies in various regions extra visibility – and hopefully encourage more Portuguese tourists to use their services than would have during a normal ‘season’.

As the prime minister has enthused: “If we have the privilege to live in the best destination in the world (Portugal has won this accolade at the World Travel Awards for the last three years running), we should enjoy it”.

This year will actually offer a “very rare experience” for nationals, says Costa, as they’re getting the chance to visit places like the Algarve that haven’t been ‘this clear of foreign tourists’ since the 60s.

The result is a world-beating touristic destination with space to breathe.

“As a prime minister it’s not something I would have wanted”, he agreed. “But if I can think of myself for a moment, it is good to see the Algarve without the crowds and queues that it usually has”.

You can watch the video here.

Text Michael Bruxo for the Algarve Resident

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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