Vitra Clinic has welcomed to its team a General Practitioner and a Speech Therapist

Complementary care at Lagoa’s “reference clinic”

– December 5, 2023 | Text Beatriz Maio

The Vitra Clinic dental centre, in Lagoa, has extended its services to new areas. From now on, clients will be able to book General Family Medicine, Non-invasive Aesthetics, and a Speech Therapy appointment, all in the same space.

Ana Pragosa & Sérgio Sousa
Ana Pragosa & Sérgio Sousa

This is an idea that the founders, Ana Pragosa and Sérgio Tavares de Sousa, had when they projected the facilities, therefore, the dentist’s office has a room available only for this purpose, which will be shared by Speech Therapist Tânia Francisco and General Practitioner Ângelo Afonso, who will also provide cosmetic services such as botox and medical facial peelings.

“The GP and Speech Therapy appointments are for all ages and can be booked any day,” explained Doctor Ana, stressing the importance of having multiple services at the clinic.

“We consider this addition to be an added value, making everything easier, closer, and more immediate,” she shared, adding that this will contribute to an effective and personalised care.

Being “a reference clinic” is the aim of the owners who want to “give families a complete response” by creating a connection between dentistry and basic health issues, which also makes it possible to regularly monitor children’s growth.

“All these services can complement each other and work as a whole,” concluded Doctor Ana.

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