Water-filled suitcases at Faro Airport to urge tourists to “save 235 litres per day”

Algarve Tourism tackles drought

– April 8, 2024 | Text & Photos Bruno Filipe Pires

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A creative strategy has been announced by Algarve tourism authorities to raise awareness among arriving tourists about the importance of saving water – transparent suitcases and trolleys filled with water will be placed on the luggage carousel at Faro Airport.

The suitcases and trolleys will be filled with 235 litres of water – the amount that a “conscientious and responsible tourist can save per day during their stay, without affecting their holiday experience”, said Lídia Monteiro, spokesperson for the board of directors of the national tourism authority Turismo de Portugal, at the presentation of the new water-saving campaign.

According to Monteiro, it is not enough to simply raise awareness among residents, especially in a region that welcomes large numbers of tourists as the Algarve. “We know today that when we travel, we must, or should, be concerned about the footprint we leave in the destinations we visit. And that footprint must, above all, contribute towards the protection of territories and their resources,” the spokesperson added.

Bruno Filipe Pires/Open Media Group

With climate change and drought taking an increasingly heavier toll on the Algarve and its natural resources, getting everyone involved in the region’s water-saving efforts is viewed as vital. The campaign will aim to reach tourists at two different moments: when they are “at home planning their trip, thinking and dreaming about the Algarve”; and later when they touch down in Faro. As such, it will also be promoted on social media with images of the Algarve containing mottos such as “Less pools, more ocean”.

Hotels and tourist accommodation units in the Algarve will also have access to a €10 million funding programme (Linha + Eficiência Hídrica Algarve) to help them implement the measures required to boast the new ‘Save Water’ certificate. Any investment related to the implementation of water-saving measures will be eligible for support, with the programme covering 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €50,000 per company.

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Bruno Filipe Pires/Open Media Group

The goal of the ‘Save Water’ certificate is to “certify water-saving” practices. In other words, only hotels and tourist accommodation units that implement a wide range of water-efficiency measures will be granted this certificate.

A total of 60 water-saving measures are linked to the new scheme, which hotels can join for free. These measures will be divided into 20 priority measures (those that have a more immediate impact) and 40 structural measures. Their implementation will be monitored by ADENE – Agency for Energy, through a portal created specifically with this in mind and where companies will report their water consumption levels.

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