Zoomarine celebrates baby dolphin Neo

The Algarve’s marine theme park Zoomarine celebrated International Day of the Child (June 1) by presenting Neo – its latest addition to the much-loved family of bottle-nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) which have characterised the complex for the last 30 years.

Neo’s birth took 100 minutes. Contrary to humans which tend to be born ‘face first’, dolphins are born ‘tail first’. His mother, Luna, gave birth having only recently celebrated her 24th birthday

In fact, 2021 is the year in which Zoomarine celebrates its 30th birthday (on August 3 to be precise) and, to this end, the team hopes Neo’s birth, on the very last day of 2020, signifies “a shining beacon of hope” that 2021 will be “happier, safer and more confident” than its predecessor.

Said a statement from the park on Monday, Neo has already won the hearts of all those who know him. He is certain to delight younger visitors, as well as their parents.

The little chap is already enrolled in a special European conservation programme (EEP EAZA) which means to ensure 98% of the genetic variability of this species over the next 100 years.

Says Zoomarine, the latest (third generation) member of the park’s family will be “an important ambassador for the urgency to protect marine ecosystems” – an ambition shared by the specialist team of marine biologists, conservationists, vets, educators and experts in animal welfare.

TEXT Natasha Donn

Author: Inside Carvoeiro

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