At Lita’s Concept Store, you will find art pieces, fashion items, and décor inspirations from all over the world 

An exciting new space in Lagos brings Lita Santos’s singular taste to a shop filled with life, joy, and creativity

– July 11, 2024

A new and unique space in Lagos, Lita Santos brings her singular taste to a shop full of life, joy, and creativity – exactly as she is.

Located at the entrance of the city, the Concept Store is a true reflection of her background and tastes.

Lita’s Concept Store in Lagos

The charm of this unique space lies in its ever-changing catalogue. Each visit offers a new experience as the items, often one-of-a-kind or available in limited quantities, constantly rotate because many of the pieces you find here have been brought back from her travels, from decorative and lifestyle items and accessories to artworks

The shop showcases a diversity of cultures, giving you access to new worlds, as well as the colourful and stylish upcycled clothes that Lita designs herself

Lita’s Concept Store in Lagos

Her interest in yoga is reflected in a dedicated corner and her passion for cooking has led her to bake and sell her own vegan and vegetarian products, including delicious cakes and jams.

But that is not all; her imagination and entrepreneurial spirit have made her dream even bigger.

At the back of the shop, there is a bistro bar serving coffee, teas and small vegetarian delights.

Also, you can taste international wines while relaxing on the sofa or, if you prefer, sunbathing on the terrace in the inner courtyard.

In addition to the shopping and socialising experiences, Lita’s Concept Store can also host workshops and events.

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